Although the ugly, but this Phone Cases allows iPhone Anti monitor

Privoro company said, with this product, monitor iPhone is an impossible thing.
For consumers, the safety of mobile communications is very important, they are worried about their privacy when information unknowingly leaked. Recently, a network security company called Privoro’s introduced a secure communications can iPhone cases at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.

This Privoro phone cases UK is designed for company executives and government officials of the product, its market price of up to $ 999 (about 6663 yuan), the company said, with this product, is a listener iPhone member impossible things.

The Privoro phone cases crafted from expensive metal made, although the production process is very delicate, but the iPhone after the accord would give people a strange feeling, iPhone becomes very long. Of course, users do not have time to set it on the iPhone, there is an important call when you can re-use.

In fact, Privoro does not provide encryption during a call, but it can be used with software release some special noise, all listeners behavior can only hear some noisy sound interference, let listeners hear some pointless noise is also an effective means of prevention is listening.

In addition to the iPhone cases UK, this network security company also plans to launch camera protection for Mac accessories, avoid camera Mac hackers remote device is turned on.

iPhone 7 cases arrived in stores, amazing leak proof Two Features

  • No headphone jack
  • A larger camera cut out iPhone 7 plus

We know that Apple plans on Wednesday 7 September launch of the things that are by 99.9% will have at least two phone calls: the iPhone 7,7 plus. We now have several confirmed iPhone 7 cases of highly rumored features of licensed stores in the UK has begun to arrive, pocket lint has received one of the pictures in the flesh.

iPhone 7 have been exported in the popular phone cases were found in the UK next GEAR4 protection cases. Our source sent us pictures as evidence.

Trusted source also confirmed that the headphone jack is not, as long as the suspect. Instead, it is only a hole in the bottom of the port lightning. In this iPhone 7 cases the camera is similar to the iPhone 6S slot equivalent, but we were told that the next iPhone 7 plus cases have a greater camera cut out, suggesting that oft-repeated rumors about dual-lens camera again is real .

We can not mention this in the store to take pictures, but can confirm that we have verified its effectiveness. It is likely that more than one network has received the same stock in the launch day next week to prepare.

There is no mention iPhone 7 Pro cases, but we’ve heard late potential third device less and less, it is very likely it will not be part of the upcoming press conference.

5 food phone cases you will want to eat them

Since the discovery of their own fantasy in a delicious dinner, you have the night before? You plan out what you’re going to eat before the meal time? Your food your last one before they get a little emotional, just because you do not want it to end? If so, you may be a food lover.

When food is BAE, the proper use of accessories is very important. What better place to start than all your food Instagrams source: your cell phone? We’ve rounded up the next nine super real foodies phone case, this will make your mouth water. Fair Warning: you should abandon a chicken version of regular telephone, people may try to eat your phone. Here’s what we desperately want to connect to our smartphone Food:

5 peanut butter toast

peanut butter toast phone cases
peanut butter toast phone cases

CRAFIC / Etsy is
Peanut butter toast mobile phone sets, $ 10 +

6 Macaron

Macaron phone cases
Macaron phone cases

RomiArts / Etsy is
LADUREE Maca case, $ 12.95

7 fries

fries phone cases
fries phone cases

FoodGadgetShop / Etsy is
iPhone smart phones and shell with french fries, $ 32.15

8 Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich phone cases
Ice Cream Sandwich phone cases

SealedWithaCase / Etsy is
Ice Cream Sandwich mobile phone sets, $ 17.99

9 chili dog

chili dog phone cases
chili dog phone cases

FoodGadgetShop / Etsy is
Pepper Dog iPhone Case, $ 29.95
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Enthusiastic Tip: Do not use these phones cases when you are hungry!